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A professional book review can make a huge difference in how well your book performs. It's a vital investment and excellent first step in effectively promoting your book.

We understand that here at Publishers Daily Reviews. We'll:

  • Buy and download a copy of your book
  • Read it thoroughly from cover to cover
  • Provide a professional, compelling review that you can then use on your book's Amazon page and in your marketing campaign.
  • For instance, you can use it in print and on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Michael P. King Amazon bestselling author of The Travelers crime thrillers

"Publishers Daily Reviews are clever, thoughtful and quotable.

     "They are well-crafted, full-length reviews that give potential readers a clear idea of what their reading experience will be. An excellent choice for promoting your work."

Murray Eiland Author of The Raid on Troy and other Orfeo Saga books

"There are many options available for reviews. This is the best review I have ever had at any price. 

              "This is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants world-class service at a price that might seem too low to believe. I have posted my review with pride on many sites."

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Tantra BenskoAuthor of Glossolalia

        "I'm thrilled by the Publishers Daily review of Glossolalia: Psychological Suspense, which demonstrates clear understanding of the book's references to real-world corruption. An intelligent, sensitive, articulate reviewer is as important as the author in completing a book, and bringing it to its larger audience.”

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You can:

  • Post any or all of the review on Amazon in the Editorial Reviews section of your book's page. Amazon's guidelines make it clear that it's okay to post paid reviews (we've checked to be sure -- see the note from Amazon below)
  • It will be one of the first things a potential buyer sees when he or she visits your book’s sales page on Amazon. It's critical to establishing your credibility as an author.
  • Utilize your review in advertising that you may develop, such as Google AdWords, or Blog Posts.
  • Get the click with a blurb on FaceBook or Twitter
  • Promote your book in newspaper articles.
  • Mention the review in radio or TV appearances
  • Let us post it in the Reviews section of our site and at each of our popular sister sites:
  • Don Sloan Author: Book Reviews and More, and
  • The Indie View
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Here's how one author chose to utilize his review.

Click here & scroll down to the "Editorial Reviews" section and then to the "From the Back Cover" section

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Think of it:

When you do that critical five-day free promotion provided by Amazon early in the book's life,  hundreds -- sometimes thousands -- of potential buyers will see the best portions of your 350- to 500-word review prominently displayed on your Amazon page. Verified Purchase reviews from new readers could begin arriving soon after -- saving you time and hassle -- and quickly boosting your sales rank.

This is an important marketing investment in your book's future. Doubleday, Scribner's and Penguin Books all have promotional writers for their book's Back Flap. Why shouldn't you?

“You gave me a comprehensive and well considered review. It’s clear that you are well read and know what elements make a book compelling for the reader. I believe having positive reviews from trusted sources is one of the best ways to gain traction in a tough market. This review has certainly helped me do that.” — Kit O’Conor, author of Tiptoe

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" I appreciated the review you provided for #hashtagged. Your review was thorough and insightful and really captured the essence of the story. It also mentioned a few points that had not occurred to me—but could likely generate sales." -- Kimberly Hix Trant, author of Hashtagged

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The cost:

For only $79.95 USD, you will receive a review which will be sent back to you for approval. If you disapprove of the review, it will never see the light of day anywhere. If you do approve it, you can post it to your book's Editorial Reviews section right away!

NOTE: For books over 300 pages, the cost is $99.95.

Reviews can be ready for your approval in as little as two weeks.We will notify of the expected date your review will be ready.

Then, we post your review for thousands to see on three sites, including The Indie View.

NOTE: During peak times the wait may be longer.

And, if we feel your book is not yet ready for prime-time, we send a brief critique, so you can make revisions and re-submit your work at no cost.

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Note from Amazon, June 15, 2015


Authors can post paid reviews in the editorial review section of the detail pages for physical and kindle books provided they satisfy the below criteria of the character limits.

Posted reviews that are displayed in the Editorial Reviews section of the Detail page for physical books listed on must not exceed either of the following, whichever applies first:

- 5 Reviews, up to 600 characters each; OR
- 3,000 total characters; this includes spaces and the HTML coding required to make text italicized or bold

For Kindle Books

For Kindle Books : Posted reviews that are displayed in the Editorial Reviews section of the Detail page for Kindle books listed on must not exceed either of the following, whichever applies first:

- 5 Reviews, up to 600 characters each; OR
- 1,750 total characters; (about 350 words) This includes spaces and the HTML coding required to make text italicized or bold

The 600 character limit has been applied to posted reviews in order to help avoid the use of copyrighted material that falls outside of our fair use guidelines.

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, please contact us by e-mail.



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