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“Publishers Daily Reviews are clever, insightful and very quotable. They are well-crafted, full-length reviews that give potential readers a clear idea of what their reading experience will be. An excellent choice for promoting your work.” Michael P. King, Amazon bestselling author of the Travelers crime thrillers,

“I chose to get my book reviewed by Publishers Daily Reviews, and I couldn’t be happier! They provided a quick turnaround and provided an excellent review that I am able to use on my book’s website and my book’s listings on and Two thumbs up from this customer!” Mike Kowis, Esq. Author of Engaging College Students: A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors

“I’m thrilled by the Publishers Daily review of Glossolalia: Psychological Suspense, which demonstrates clear understanding of the book’s references to real-world corruption. An intelligent, sensitive, articulate reviewer is as important as the author in completing a book, and bringing it to its larger audience.” Tantra Bensko Author of Glossolalia and Encore: A Contemporary Love Story of Hypnotic Abduction

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“You gave me a comprehensive and well considered review. It’s clear that you are well read and know what elements make a book compelling for the reader. I believe having positive reviews from trusted sources is one of the best ways to gain traction in a tough market. This review has certainly helped me do that.” — Kit O’Conor, author of Tiptoe

“I appreciated the review you provided for #hashtagged. Your review was thorough and insightful and really captured the essence of the story. It also mentioned a few points that had not occurred to me—but could likely generate sales.” — Kimberly Hix Trant, author of Hashtagged

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