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How do the Top Ten authors on Amazon or in the bookstores get that wonderful, glowing praise that’s featured on their back cover or flyleaf? Or highlighted in bold quotes in the Editorial Reviews section of their Amazon page?

Their publisher has a marketing writer read the book, sum it up, and write those glowing remarks for use in all the marketing outlets for the book. It’s called a “Marketing Platform,” and your book should have one, too.

We can find good things to say about almost any book — because every piece of writing is unique.

Again, we want what you want: for your book to be successful. And what better way to do that than with high praise for your stellar writing right up front, where potential readers will see it?

Give Publishers Daily Reviews the opportunity to write something good about your book — within 10 days, generally— something you can use in your marketing. We’re here to help!


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Spread the love

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