I Can See You (Emma Willis Book 1) by Joss Landry

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Ten-year-old Emma Willis can see the future. It’s both a gift and a curse.

Sometimes she saves lives. But in other cases, when she can only shiver in the night and watch helplessly, she just screams and screams until the dark visions dissipate.

And on each of these nights, someone dies.

In this, the first installment of an extraordinary series by acclaimed author Joss Landry, Emma must overcome her personal fears to match wits with a brutal kidnapper and murderer.

At the same time, she risks social isolation from family and friends, who deem Emma’s special gift a possible manifestation of witchcraft.

Emma’s powers are a genetic legacy from her grandmother. But they also are a psychic liability that is putting her young life in very real danger.

After warning off best friend Tommy from an imminent bike rally disaster, she reluctantly joins forces with local authorities in a desperate search for the killer of three small children and a police officer.

Emma’s teacher Christina also gets involved — and not just in the investigation. She rediscovers a smoldering attraction to police detective Hank Apple’s hunky persona, and their renewed relationship adds extra zest to the book’s complex and thrilling plotline.

The killer — a master of disguise — begins stalking Emma, resulting in added police protection. But Emma finds new courage — and remarkable new powers — when she digs through her grandmother’s dusty belongings and finds two items with incredible occult power: a leather-bound book of spells and a beautiful amulet on a golden chain.

Used together, they embolden Emma to turn the tables and begin tracking the psychotic perpetrator’s own movements through OBE — Out of Body Experiences. Emma uses these to help detective Apple and his partner begin tightening their case.

But things don’t go according to plan and deadly dangers arise as the manhunt closes in on the killer. The breathless ending should satisfy — and surprise — even the most demanding reader. It’s that good.

Five-plus stars to I Can See You. It’s yet another award-winner for author Joss Landry, who offers still more adventures for this exciting new young female lead character in the sequel, I Can Find You, now widely available.

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