Collection of Poems by Vanessa Ngam

Visions of a young girl beaten, browbeaten and coerced, first by a brutal, insensitive parent, then by a thoughtless, predatory lover.

A fragile heart laid open, awaiting validation…

These are but a few arresting reflections drawn forth from a reviewer upon reading writer Vanessa Ngam’s simply titled but thoroughly thought-provoking Collection of Poems.

In her stunning and highly personal poetry, Ms. Ngam provides us with a rich reading experience that is at once arresting and poignant. Indeed, this slim volume of lyrical verse offers its audience a rare glimpse into the often tortured process of self-expression that is good poetry. Here’s a sample:

“Souls leaping with sorrow and thoughts / Arresting minds longing for true answers / Buried deep, deep, deep down in the cruel soul.”

Ms. Ngam’s verse evokes that rarest of reaction from today’s jaded reader: one’s undivided attention, while the writer shares her innermost thoughts. This collection does just that, with well-constructed couplets that peel back the thin veneer of “normal” existence to lay bare her fears, hopes and sometimes painful memories, autobiographical in the extreme, and frequently uncomfortable to read.

“In your image I saw in your face / The smile that never ceases, / The voice that sang at our knot ceremony, / An everlasting image.”


“Outside is blurred, dark, cold, breezy and windy; /Thunderstorms are fighting each other. / It starts raining and the evening gets darker. / We get to bed with our hearts stolen away from us / By fear of nature and its elements.”

And, painfully,

“Tired of thinking / Tired of reflecting / Tired of writing / Tired of reading / Tired of searching / Tired of laughing / Tired of crying / Tired of cooking / Tired of relaxing / Tired, / Tired, / Tired of worrying. / Even tired of growing./ Tired, / Tired I cry.”

And, finally, a happy remembrance:

“Summer fishing / Down the lake, the smell of fresh lilies and roses / Butterflies dancing in the soft blowing wind / Fresh leaves and buds swimming with waves of water…”

Five-plus stars to this poet for her courage in setting down these soul-probing insights for the world to see. Few of us could bear to be so forthcoming, and we sincerely hope there’s a sequel soon.

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