Hemisphere – Part 1: The Head Employee Precedent by A.V. Osten

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Imagine a future world where creative thought is stifled — throttled back by sound frequencies and chips implanted into the brain.

This is just one of the startling precepts that permeate the chilling plotline of the exceptional new dystopian thriller Hemisphere by debut author A.V. Osten.

In the year 2217, a cosmic storm has wiped out most of life in the eastern reaches of Earth. But a new species of mankind has been born anew, shaped by the distorted and domineering vision of a single sociopathic woman: Dr. Arlene Eizenheim.

Preemptive genetic engineering, conception centers geared to creating and raising perfect little homo sapiens, and visual implants that feed digital media directly to the brain are but a few of the scientific breakthroughs she has helped bring into this arresting new apocalyptic world.

But her pioneering innovations come with a high price. The deliberately docile denizens of Hemisphere must obediently follow the life paths chosen for them, so Dr. Eizenheim’s ambitions of total world domination can become reality.

Revolt is quietly brewing, however. Head Employee Mulder — a unique, lovable, and highly trained Collie — and his devoted Support Employee, James, are beginning to doubt, and then actively resist, the stultifying status quo imposed on the homogeneous citizenry of Hemisphere. In doing so, they start to form unlikely alliances with revolutionaries from the West and East, and prepare for revolt in this, the first installment of what promises to be a sensational series.

Join James, Mulder, and a host of other colorful characters as they begin their quest to return mankind’s destiny to human control. Rife with wry humor and often lyrical writing, the author makes this dystopian adventure story a rare read.

Five stars to Hemisphere for providing a fresh take on the dystopian genre of science fiction. It offers a welcome summertime diversion to move one’s mind off the real-world tensions that raise the specter of our own nuclear apocalypse.

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