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As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, we here at Publishers Daily Reviews have been giving Independent authors — and established ones — a promotional boost since 2015.

So now it’s your turn. We are always excited to read a new author and to play a small part in making sure he or she gets the recognition so roundly deserved..

Let’s get started!

  • You pay a Read & Review fee of $99.95  – the lowest for a professional, impartial review anywhere on the  Internet.
  • Compare our work to that of BlueInk ($395) and Kirkus $425). We’ve been told we’re just as good or better.
  • We think you’ll find — as so many other Indie writers have — that our reviews are widely quotable and overwhelmingly positive.
  • That’s because we don’t believe in taking someone’s hard-earned money for a three-star review, like they do.
  • If your book is not, in our editorial opinion, ready for a positive review yet, your book will be returned with a full refund and  — where possible — with a brief, helpful critique and encouragement to revise and resubmit later.

What are you waiting for?

Get a professional review by submitting your book to Publishers Daily Reviews today. Just click the Buy Now button below, pay, then fill in the form. We will ask for a PDF file. If you don’t have one, or don’t know what that is, it’s what’s known throughout  the publishing world as an ARC (Advance Review Copy)

Please send that or an entire copy of the book in Word and we’ll format it into a PDF file.

NOTE RE PAYMENT: You may even be qualified for six months no-interest financing through PayPal.

Only $99.95 this month.

Submit an ARC to us at publishersdailyreviews@gmail.com

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