Ready to move forward? Here’s what to do:

Contact Diane Donovan, owner of Donovan’s Literary Services. She is also a Senior Reviewer at Midwest Book Review.

She is handling all reviews for PDR while Don is taking a long-overdue, extended medical leave of absence.

Then, in short order:

Send a note to Diane at the address below in which the subject line reads: PDR Review Request.

In that note, include:

    1. The name of the book
    2. Your name and the author’s name (if different)
    3. Your email address
    4. An attached PDF of your book or ARC

Upon receipt of all of the above,

Diane will send an invoice to you for $100, and she will schedule work on your book or ARC after she receives payment.

Diane is a veteran reviewer and publishing industry expert who will give your book the thoughtful and professional attention it deserves.

A final word:

Thanks for allowing us to read, review, and provide you with professional promotional material and links.

We appreciate your business. Take care and keep writing!



PS Want a strategic marketing plan for your book, including specific tactics and a timeline? Ask Diane for details. She did one for my own book, The Sisters: A Mystery of Good and Evil, Horror and Suspense, and subsequent sales jumped 33%.

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