Urban Boys By K.N. Smith


Urban Boys hits the ground running and never looks back. Author K.N. Smith uses her mastery of the written word to weave an entrancing, yet powerful tale of bonding, loyalty, and adventure that keeps you turning pages in an unquenchable desire to find out what happens next.

Five teenaged friends venture into a mysterious forest on the night after a big football game and are never the same again. They encounter a glowing light that first attracts them, then stuns them, with a power they are slow to comprehend. The author’s matchless prose describes the highly charged atmosphere just prior to the subtle, yet cataclysmic event:

“Like a baby rapidly clicking its tongue in a show of entertainment for its doting parents, the easy to follow repetition of the noise equated to an invisible lasso that mesmerized the boys.”

Kinsu, Alex, Rhee, Chase and Jordan share a secret bond. By day, they are typical, fun-loving teenagers attending classes and playing football at Danville Heights High School. By night, however, long after everyone in their small town is asleep, they run stealthily through the deep forest glades to nearby Sandry Lake, where they battle roving gangs of thugs.

Theirs is a covert war known to no one — including the few die-hard residents of the troubled town. But they ARE known to a mysterious figure in a dark hood — The Dark Stranger — who secretly contemplates these intrepid young warriors.

Jordan’s little brother Mason knows the quintet’s secret and is desperate to help them, leaving hand-scrawled notes around town, hoping the police will intervene and protect the boys — who are really in no need of protection. Each night, they battle the bad guys, but always anonymously — until one night, when they meet The Dark Stranger face to face.

From that point on, the story builds still further with more incredible fight scenes, and the jaw-dropping appearance of a young woman whose martial arts abilities equal those of the five boys.

The battle lines are drawn, and the forces of evil line up against the forces of good in a final, stupendous scene that will take your breath away and leave you limp with spent emotions.

Urban Boys is much more than a Young Adult action novel. It boasts cinematic fight sequences and fully developed characterizations, and emerges as a story about bonding, unquestioning loyalty, and strong confidence in friends for life.

Five stars for this imaginative and inspiring story, sure to be as appealing to general audiences as it will be to the YA crowd.

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