War Eternal: Book I: Angels’ Whispers by J.F. Cain

Aranes, Superior of Angels, walks down the radiant golden hallways of the Celestial judgement hall to receive her expected punishment for saving the life of the mortal man she loves.

This is the arresting start to a superb, sweeping story of angelic influence in the affairs of man, written with lyrical finesse by first-time author J.F. Cain.

In Book One of the War Eternal series, Angels’ Whispers, Cain deftly immerses her readers in well-developed characters and rich, almost cinematic scenes that bring instant believability to this extraordinary tale of cosmic love.

The beneficiary of Aranes’ timely, lifesaving intervention is darkly handsome Alex Meyers, a hard-driving entrepreneur intent on revolutionizing the energy industry. From the pristine, yet treacherous, snowy slopes near Aspen, to Aranes’ etherial palace in another dimension, the author provides exhaustive detail on both the Angels that guard us and the Demons that constantly try to wreak havoc in the earthly plane.

In one explosive scene, for example, Alex barely survives a nocturnal encounter with a pair of fantastic warriors — one dark, the other light — back in the city, while in another, Aranes battles Lucifer himself on the brightly lit and tightly packed Manhattan Bridge. More human lives are in deadly peril as the Angels Hope and Wisdom — joined by the Archangel Michael — lend a fierce hand in the violent encounter, of which the hapless mortals are unaware. They think a strong wind is bringing on the buckling bridge.

It’s all part of a diabolical plan by The Lord of the Demons to attain world dominance — and sweep Aranes into his own arms.

Meanwhile, Alex is slow to believe the rapidly revealing truth behind his unprecedented recovery from what should have been a fatal skiing mishap. And more and more inexplicable questions surface about the beautiful and mysterious woman who apparently swooped out of nowhere to save his life.

More slowly still, an intriguing and incredible possibility surfaces.

Is Alex destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy in which he, as an incarnated Hero from eons past, faces off in a final fight with Lucifer to finally fling the forces of darkness out of existence forever? Or will The Fallen One be successful at last?

As the dark soldiers of chaos and the legions of light line up for a final, titanic battle for the destiny of mankind, you’ll keep turning these well-edited and meticulously written pages to find out what happens next. And did we mention the book’s libidinous love scenes, without which no Angels and Demons tale would be complete? They’re definitely there, tastefully rendered, yet simmering with sensuality.

Five stars to Angels’ Whispers. We await Book Two with great anticipation.

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