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Thank you for this fantastic review! Thank you for including all the key details without spoiling anything for the readers and for mentioning my previous novels, too. It is a great honour to be likened to Roald Dahl and to be told that I have an extraordinary gift for storytelling. I would never have dreamed of saying such things about my own work. And finally, thank you for that original review for Y, which in that moment of uncertainty pushed me to keep writing and to try something new. — Rain Arlender, author of Y, and The Essence of Life
“Publishers Daily Reviews are clever, insightful and very quotable. They are well-crafted, full-length reviews that give potential readers a clear idea of what their reading experience will be. An excellent choice for promoting your work.”– Michael P. King, Amazon bestselling author of the Travelers crime thrillers

“I couldn’t feel more enthusiastic about Publishers Daily Reviews. Like many other authors, I’ve had to struggle for reviews on Amazon, where the absence of reviews can put off potential readers. Publishers Daily Reviews can help turn that around in two ways.

“First, no writer could ask for a better connection with his or her Ideal Reader. Or for a more incisive review. Moreover, the reviewers at PDR know how to present the book in a way that will generate heat.

“Second, the name Publishers Daily Reviews lends gravitas and weight. And placement of the review in the Editorial Reviews section lends impact, since it is the first thing a possible reader will see.

“Let me close with a third benefit: I plan to use PDR reviews on the back of print versions of my published eBooks. This should pave the way toward getting stores to stock them.” — Reb McRath, author of the Boss MacTavin mystery series


“There are many options available for reviews. This is the best review I have ever had at any price.

“Most authors complain how hard it is to find reviews. This is a one stop shop for anyone who wants world class service at a price that might seem too low to believe. I have posted my review with pride on many sites.” — Murray Eiland, author of The Raid on Troy and other Orfeo Saga books


“After completing my first book, I found myself emerging from a creative wonderland into a foreign world known as publishing. I quickly learned that many doors are shut to first time indie authors. Like many other indie authors before me,

“I felt I had a book with a message that needed to be shared and I knew I needed reputable reviews to help me do this.  Publishers Daily Reviews gave me a comprehensive professional review that continues to grab the attention of potential readers.

“More than being an exceptionally positive review, it was clear that they had read my work methodically from page one to the end.  The team at PDR gave my work the keen and thoughtful attention I was hoping for.

“I have since received other wonderful reviews but this one will always hold a special place in my heart as my first professional review that gave me the confidence to push through more doors!

Thank you,”

Kelly Pellatt author of Rise of the Good Wolf: Releasing our Self into our Truth

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