What to Do with Your New Review

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You now are a bona fide published author with a professionally crafted review from Publishers Daily Reviews and perhaps a few other review entities that specialize in ebook promotion services.

But what to do with them so potential buyers are aware of your writing prowess?

Here are some suggestions:

Amazon Author Central

You can post it here in two ways: (1) post a choice snippet or two in the Editorial Reviews section, and (2) post the entire review in the From the Back Flap section.
This will be the first thing a potential buyer will see when he or she scrolls down your book’s page. Click here to see an example. Here’s what to do:
–Go to Amazon Author Central
–Log in
–Create your author page
–Claim your books (if they aren’t there already)
–Click on the Books tab
–Scroll to Editorial Reviews
–Pick out two or three choice quotes from the review
–Add them under Reviews (attribute Publishers Daily Reviews — NOT Don Sloan)
–Then, under From the Back Cover, add the entire review (again, attribute PDR)
You can also elect to boldface certain words or sections (or the whole thing) if you so wish). But we don’t really advise that.

Social Media

This should definitely be a top priority, as the power of shares and retweets is powerful indeed.
–Scroll to the bottom of the Publishers Daily Reviews post and click on any or all of the social media icons. On many, the cover of your book should also pop up with the headline and a few words from the beginning of the review
–Add a personal note, and encourage you friends, neighbors, associates, and contacts to share, share, share!


Add a link to the review by doing a variation of this in the signature box of your email provider. In Gmail, it goes like this:
–Go to Settings (click the little Gear icon up in the right corner of your Inbox)
–Scroll all the way down to Signature
–Type this into the text box: Please read a review of my book The Sisters here
–Highlight it and click Bold
–Click the Hyperlink icon and insert a link to your post (find it at the very top of your review)
–Test the link
–Click OK
–Click the little box that says: “Insert this signature before quoted text…”
–Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes

Cash in on the credibility of Publishers Daily Reviews

Use snippets of the review in your book’s description on Amazon and in your pitches to new reviewers. Nothing helps establish credibility in the minds of potential book buyers and reviewers than seeing an endorsement by a respected third-party. We have found this helps immeasurably in ebook promotion services.

Get a cinematic book trailer

Author Peter Quinones got a video produced for his esoteric book of short stories and now his number of views on YouTube has surpassed 43,000 and the 2-minute trailer has been seen by thousands in more than 150 countries around the world. Book sales have also risen exponentially.
Watch it here:

We can’t promise that your trailer will go viral like that, but we feel it will do well.
Check out the samples and view the testimonials. Then jumpstart your book’s marketing and promotion with a compelling, professionally produced video trailer.


That’s about it for posting a review. As we think of or hear about other ways to spread the good word, we’ll post it here. Check back often!
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