From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream by Holli Bassin

Tired of hearing condescending platitudes from your pediatrician, pooh-poohing your concerns about your child’s suspected food allergies? Well, here’s a book that will validate your instincts when it comes to what’s best for your young one.

Holli Bassin hasn’t always been the confident, knowledgeable person that she is today. Early on, she suffered anxieties as her precious baby girl Rachel swelled up and developed hives and severe eczema from — what? She didn’t know, and her pediatrician wasn’t much help.

Finally, she effectively fired him, switched doctors, and began getting to the bottom of the mysterious attacks that, at one frightening moment, sent her child to the hospital in anaphylactic shock.

This excellent, well-written account of Rachel’s carefully shepherded journey from a childhood where she couldn’t even eat her own birthday cake, to her current enjoyment of just about any kind of treat, is filled with inspiration and information aplenty for Moms currently going through the hit-or-miss process of what might be safe to feed their children.

Bassin takes the reader through a well-documented — yet eminently readable — account of Rachel’s early years, and then documents how, through a process known as systematic desensitization, the young girl blossoms into a normal, healthy pre-teen who can eat — well, just about anything.

This would not have been possible, Bassin points out, without the groundbreaking allergen therapy provided by a woman known throughout the book simply as Alexis — a naturopathic, professional nutritionist, health coach and advanced level practitioner of an allergy elimination technique that marries Western techniques such as systematic desensitization with Eastern techniques known as “energy medicine.”

It’s a long-haul treatment protocol that, Bassin emphasizes, should not be undertaken without strict supervision. However, with proper oversight and diligent adherence to a plan that — among other elements — includes eating measured portions from formerly forbidden food groups — a person can truly go — as the title of the book suggests — from anaphylaxis to buttercream, and to living a totally normal life.

Make no mistake. This is a deceptively serious and well-documented work, featuring copious references to both scholarly and popular articles and clinical studies on this subject the author knows so well — from firsthand experience as a vigilant caregiver and as a professional Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.

But it’s written in the light and helpful tone of a gentle and concerned friend, dispensing knowledge and hope over a cozy cup of coffee.

“Food allergies have increased dramatically among children in the last fifteen years,” says Bassin, “more than fifty percent between 1997 and 2011.” She is citing a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the statistic is at once startling and troubling.

She lays much of the blame at the feet of the food industry which has, she asserts, “cut corners,” choosing profits over our well-being. Nevertheless,  she says there is hope for children afflicted with food allergies as parents become more empowered to get the upper hand through nontraditional programs like the one that has transformed Rachel.

Still, Bassin cautions readers not to go it alone in trying to fix food allergies in their own kids. Only through a carefully constructed protocol and regimen overseen by a fully qualified nutritional health coach can a child be desensitized over time using the methodology so painstakingly described in this book.

Rachel now is a healthy, normal teen who can go out with friends or host a sleepover, consuming large quantities of Cherry Garcia and even loaded-down pizza from one of the national chains.

It’s a far cry from the delicate — and dangerous — condition she was forced by allergies to endure in her early years, when even going off to summer camp caused major anxiety for Bassin.

Five stars to From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream. It’s a frank and thoroughly documented read, jam-packed with wonderful information and inspiration for any parent currently coping with their kids’ food allergies. Buy it today!

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