Book Reviewers List: Newspapers and More

Book Reviewers List

Book Reviewers List

Book Reviewers

I am asked frequently for a list of places to get book reviews.

Writing a solid, compelling query to a newspaper columnist still has value — even though print newspapers seem to be ever more scarce.

In any event, they still have online versions (most do, anyway), so trying for a review from one of the people on this list could be a book marketing home run for you.

Here’s the link to .

Before you tackle this list, read my post on writing the perfect query. You can see it here.

Need still more options to query for book reviews?

Try the Amazon Top 10,000 Reviewers list.

Or, try The Indie View.

Or, the Book Review Directory. Here’s their list of:

And, of course, for a compelling, professional book review by someone whose work appears regularly in the Midwest Book Review, click here.


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