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“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Don’s expertise, not to mention generosity of spirit. He certainly goes above and beyond. As a newly published author I’m in uncharted territory and his help has been a godsend, I am so very grateful and will definitely be calling upon his services again.” Susan Daley, Author


You’ve written a great book! Now what? Publish it directly on Amazon, or go the paperback route through Createpace?

Wrong. Oh, so wrong. What if you publish your magnum opus, only to discover it’s riddled with run-on sentences, random commas, and other punctuation issues?

Who’s going to give you this kind of frank feedback? You certainly don’t want to get it in the form of early three-star reviews, plastered all over your Amazon product page. Believe me, it’s too late by then to do damage control. Your less-than-stellar star rating will stay low, despite hurried revisions and new edition uploads, proclaiming: Revised and Improved!

It’s much better to invest in professional editing services and including correction of common grammatical and punctuation issues.

My name is Don Sloan, and I have published five books, reviewed more than 100 books for other authors, and helped many writers improve their manuscript through careful and courteous collaboration.

I can do the same with your work. Here are the services I provide:


Blurb and Synopsis Writing  Every book needs a blurb and synopsis, and if you are not one of those folks for whom this kind of thing comes naturally, hiring a copy editor is the best way to go.

Cover Letter Writing – If you have chosen to go with a traditional publisher (and let’s face it, many of us do), you will want to ensure that your submission stands out. Hiring a copy editor to put a Cover Letter together for you is likely to give you the edge you might be looking for. Or, you may need a professionally written query letter to potential reviewers. Either one will provide that extra measure of credibility you will need.

Final Edit — We take your manuscript and clear away all the punctuation issues, typos and other minor faults that weaken an otherwise excellent manuscript.

Book Outline — we take a chapter-by-chapter approach to summarizing your book. Good for followup responses when an agent or publisher has expressed interest in your work.


Now that you know all about the services that a copy editor can provide, we get to the subject of costs.

We make it easy!

(NOTE: all prices based on a 200- to 250-page manuscript; longer ms, please ask for a quote).

  • $150 – Cover letter writing, blurb and synopsis writing. For this, we read your book and summarize it succinctly and, where appropriate, add a “hook” or teaser to stimulate reader or reviewer interest. If you’re not skilled at promotional copywriting, this could be a good investment.
  • $225 – Proofreading and final edit. Clears away all the punctuation issues, typos and other minor faults that weaken an otherwise excellent manuscript. We also make minor editorial suggestions from a reader’s standpoint regarding flow and pacing — these are sometimes helpful when you feel you’ve been reading and revising endlessly and still are not sure if your story is the best it can be.
  • $300 – Book outline. Summarizes your book chapter by chapter. Great for responses to Hollywood agents or major publishers interested in your work.

Don’t let this opportunity to improve your work slide by. You’ve worked too hard up to this point to risk publishing a poorly edited book — only to find criticism about it in reviews, when it is too late to fix the problems!

Contact Don Sloan directly to discuss your particular needs. He offers payment options through PayPal, where you can elect to pay in a lump sum or stretch out payments via MasterCard, Visa or PayPal Credit.

You can reach Don at publishersdailyreviews@gmail.com. Specify “Editing Services” in the subject line. Please include a link to your book on Amazon, if already published.

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