Getting There: Profiles in Overcoming Obstacles and Connecting with Success by Chuck Malkus

Getting There: Profiles in Overcoming Obstacles and Connecting with Success comes from a business coach and speaker who advocates a program of cultivating strategic growth connections as a way of fending off adversity and business challenges.

Because his program and approach is filled with case history examples from successful businesspeople in all walks of life who have used this technique to advance their professional careers,Getting There is especially recommended for business collections (though its principles can, in reality, apply to any personal improvement endeavor).

As chapters explore stepping out of one’s comfort zone and setting and going after goals, they support such efforts with interviews and case history examples from successful business leaders who faced much adversity along the road to their success.

Readers learn from example (of which there are many, here), and will also absorb a good deal of insights on how hard work and determination eventually pay off (but not without some savvy sidestepping along the road to success).

What keeps Getting There on track as more than just a collection of business biographies are the ‘Takeaways’ at the conclusion of each exploration of individual success. These summaries drive home the points of each interview, providing readers with succinct admonitions that can apply to virtually any endeavor: “New ways of thinking will always bring criticism and doubt. If Dr. Atala listened to his doubters, he would never be in the position he’s in today.”

Another feature that differentiates Getting There from other business books is its focus on not just ideals, but strategies. Every interviewee adds another unique insight to this ‘how-to’ puzzle: “For me, I like to go out and study the competition. That’s how I reinvent myself. I study businesses that aren’t exactly the same but they run their business with a set of ethics and a set of principles that are second to none. And they can be in a space that is completely different from mine, but I learn some­thing from them.”

The result is a series of lessons from life from the mouths of those who have not only been there and done that; but have proven that their approaches resulted in rich dividends and rewards.

It’s a blueprint for success modeled not by the experience of one, but of many. This makes Getting There: Profiles in Overcoming Obstacles and Connecting with Success a standout not only for business readers, in addition to anyone aspiring to succeed by creating, honing, and following their own unique identification of achievement.

Getting There is highly recommended for anyone—especially those who feel ‘stuck’ and who want concrete lessons on how to move forward.

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