Maximize Your Book Sales With Data Analysis by Mike Kowis & Sharon C. Jenkins

It often comes as a shock to writers — particularly the authors of novels and other works of fiction — that once the supposedly “hard work” of crafting a well-written book is over, there then looms a more daunting and perplexing task. How do I market and promote my work?

How, indeed?

There are many resources available — more than ever before — to help guide the way through the often perplexing gauntlet of marketing tactics available to authors.

The secret is (a) to find the good ones and (b) to learn to leverage their considerable power and global reach to accomplish your biggest goal.

Which is to sell as many books as you can.

Oh, sure, some of the more esoteric writers will sniff self-righteously at the goal of commercial success. But those of us with mortgages to pay and mouths to feed must up their marketing and promotional game to its highest level.

This compact, yet powerful book can help you do that.

Don’t be put off by its overly clinical title and chapter headings. Because beneath the decidedly un-writer-like prospects of having to “analyze critical data” and “create a business plan,” there is a virtual gold mine of practical tips and techniques to be had here for achieving bestseller status.

Mystified by the prospect of using pay-per-click ads to create awareness of your book’s existence? Don’t be. The authors of this book break down not only the “why” of the reasoning behind this effective technique, but more importantly, the “how” on creating a successful campaign.

Social media marketing guides leave you still bewildered at the sheer numbers they force you to analyze?

This book pulls back the veil on how to do that easily by using a couple of tried and true Internet platforms — Google Analytics chief among them — to finally discover what potential buyers are doing once they reach your point of sale — typically your Amazon page or your author’s website.

What? Don’t have a website yet? You’d better, if you really want to catapult your sales into the stratosphere.

Public speaking leave you feeling discouraged? Don’t be. Learn to embrace and leverage public appearances to best advantage.

In short, this handy guide with the off-putting name should be required reading in both MFA degree programs for “serious” writers and in nonfiction seminars alike. We award five and half stars to its authors for producing such a helpful guide.

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