Rise of the Good Wolf: Releasing our Self into our Truth By Kelly Pellatt


In the tradition of Freud, Kubler-Ross and the contemporary Eckhart Tolle, a new guide to inner peace has arrived. Kelly Pellat’s Rise of the Good Wolf is a thought-provoking, insightful primer on exorcising the inner demons with which we struggle in our daily lives.

Using the apocryphal story of the Good Wolf and the Bad Wolf, this articulate professional therapist helps carve a path between our desire to “feed the Bad Wolf” within us at the expense of “feeding the Good Wolf” — a powerful metaphor for always consciously choosing to act and think positively.

Early in the book, she sets out a vivid warning against the dangers of dwelling on things and thoughts that can harm us:

“Unhealthy coping mechanisms — whether they be drugs, alcohol, denial, projecting and internalizing anger, jealousy, and controlling others — are ways we defend against fear. These mechanisms (our walls) block us from seeing our Truth and they nurture our insecure False Self.”

She goes on to posit the notion that “the person we (have) learned to be is in conflict with who we actually are.”

Still later, Pellatt challenges us to fight against adversity and learn to rise above any negativity that may try to assert itself in our souls.

“Regardless of the injuries we have experienced, it is essential we must awaken our desires, dreams and ideas and follow them for the sake of our Truth. They came to us from the pure Self, and they deserve to be nurtured.”

She advocates celebration of the present moment in our daily lives, adding that these moments are being gathered up — unbeknownst to our conscious mind — and stored for those times when we most need to draw from an inner well of strength.

“Our true self has been collecting meaningful moments to return to us as gifts when we are ready to receive them. The more I realize the significance of this Truth, I find my Self increasingly open to receive blessings from the past, present and future.”

Pellatt heads up four chapters with the first letters of the word “Love” — Listening, Observing, Validating and Empowering. In each chapter, she offers cogent thoughts and advice on these topics. In the section on Observing, for example, she imparts a valuable list on being a good parent.

This is a remarkable book, written for the layperson with the obvious intention that the reader need only choose the positive path to self-awareness and, ultimately, self-confidence. It is an enormously helpful guide, written by someone standing on the shoulders of some of the greats in examination of the psyche..

I give Rise of the Good Wolf an unreserved five-star rating, and encourage all who are currently caught up in a private search for inner peace to purchase this illuminating study in self-enlightenment.

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